YAAD Success Circle

pentacle34Do you ever think “What If?”

Have a passion for something and wanted to make it your life work, but didn’t have the support or guidance you needed to even start?

We all have a dream to do something amazing. We have that dream job, that hobby we love with a passion or just the desire to do what we know we we were always meant to do, if only given the time, the support and the opportunity?

What if you gave yourself a year and a day to meet your goals in the company of others on the same path?

What if you joined the Year And A Day Success Circle?

Within the Year And A Day Success Circle, members learn to defy the fears associated with ‘failure’ by pursuing seemingly impossible goals that they set for themselves. From the outset, failure is not only a highly probable outcome, it is the desired outcome. Only through embracing the reality of failure can its’ societal stigmas be stripped away and replaced with an inspirational alternative.

The Circle will bring like minds and kindred spirits together, drawing on the different  spiritual traditions of its members to provide support and encouragement as members collectively meet individual goals. Through ritual, discussion, focused intention and friendship, the group will share stories, beliefs, goals, plans and dreams, and work together, spiritually and through actionable steps in the mundane world, to meet goals.

The Circle’s process will rewire you to look at ‘failure’ as acceptable and even fun. It is only then that one discovers that most of life’s limitations are arbitrary, self-imposed, and based on fear. And when we overcome that fear, we blow away our self-inflicted limits, and we will each achieve results that appear miraculous.

A reciprocated commitment to pushing the boundaries, combined with the counter-intuitive focus on the ‘lure’ of failure, creates an environment in which pursuing ambitious, life-defining goals becomes the norm. In Circle, you will find yourself in the company of everyday people taking on extraordinary challenges, and having a blast facing the hurdles that normally derail us in life. Through the Circle, you will also be accountable to those who are invested in your success.

The Circle concept transcends age, gender, race, religion, language, occupation, and all the other buckets that we traditionally use to ‘define’ ourselves.  As such, there are no parameters for membership and we believe that diverse pods help push the boundaries by introducing a broad range of perspectives and life experiences.

And the cost? None – at least in financial terms.
Intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, philosophically – it will be a ‘taxing’  but rewarding journey.

But how much is it worth to finally begin to live the you have always wanted?

Join us now! Please fill out the form below to begin living your best life with fellow life-changers:

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