Cards Of The Day: Everything Is Coming Up Pentacles!

In keeping with my birthday promise I made to immerse myself in the joy and wonder that is the Tarot more completely, my husband and I have each committed to pulling a card a day from the Tarot and not only see what the day holds for us, but to re-learn the card meanings! Neat! We chose to draw from the Gilded Tarot today.

Today, we each drew Pentacles! Considering our current situation, we saw this only as a good thing :D! Hubby drew:

gilded-ace-pentaclesAce of Pentacles

Represents prosperity, material gains.

The start of something that could lead to good financial reward.

Good card to see if considering starting a new financial/ business venture.

May signify documents that hold material importance.

May indicate a lump sum of money, gifts, or an inheritance.

Inclination to be rooted now, as opposed to “flying”.

Inclination to do solid work, create, make, etc.

Now hubby is an amateur film maker, with dreams of finally making a movie for which he had written a script some years ago. As we are struggling financially, this was a wonderful card to see, and it gives me hope that some of our immediate financial goals will be met positively very shortly.  We were very happy to see this card show up for him!


eight-of-pentacles-gildedEight of Pentacle

Often referred to as the “apprenticeship card”.

May signify learning a new skill or even a change in profession.

May show up when there’s an offer of new employment or taking a new position.

May also mean entering a learning establish-ment such as a university.

Card often means that existing talents can be used to create a venture that will bring financial gains.

Good time to look at vocational matters more closely, especially if you’ve considered changing career paths.
This is actually such an amazing card for me! I recently have switched a long-time hobby and avocation into a new business! I have also been toying with the dream I have had for YEARS — to become a chef. This card tells me it is the perfect time to start the new business and even look into the longer-term dream of becoming a chef.

Both of the cards signify growth in the right direction, positivity, and good financial new on the horizon!

Be Well and Go Lightly,



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