Witchy Chick Podcast Ep. 2: Celebrating The Diversity Of The Pagan Path

witchpyrfinalwcpodcastlogosmallIn this episode, I am discussing diversity within the pagan community. The need to recognize, honor and celebrate the diversity within our community is a subject near and dear to me, as I am a bisexual woman of color humanist who proudly calls herself pagan as well.

How can we ask for a seat at the mainstream table when we are unwilling to explore and, at times, accept the diversity within our own ranks? We cannot continue to ask for tolerance that we ourselves are not always willing to give.

I look forward to all comments, discussions, and feedback on this topic! Please e-mail me at the.witch@witchychick.me or use the handy-dandy contact form on the website. I may even share YOUR comments in a future show!

If you currently host a pagan podcast and would like to provide a promo to use on the Witchy Chick podcast, please contact me via e-mail. I would be honored to use it on the show!

Show Notes:
Diversity Graphic: Armed Venus
Intro music: Put The Needle DownAlex Beroza via CCMixter
Diversity Definition: Merriam-Webster Online
Further Definition of Diversity: Diversity Initiatives – University of Oregon
Promo: Eat My Pagan Ass

Please enjoy!

Be well and go lightly,




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